Headset troubleshooting guide


Audio Issues

If you are having trouble with the audio for your headset, the following information can help you troubleshoot and resolve issues.

I cannot hear audio

• Make sure that the headset is connected to your computer.
• Test with another headset to make sure the headset is not defective.
• Desktop pc’s usually have front and back audio jacks try both.
• Test the mic by Right clicking on the speaker icon in your system tray and select sounds, select the recording  tab, speak into your mic to see if you see the green audio bar levels go up and down, if you don’t see any movement than the driver is corrupted and the sound driver will have to be reinstalled.
• To do this, first you will need to remove the current or corrupt driver by going  to start, right click on computer, manage, Device manger, Select sound, video and game controllers, right click on high definition audio and uninstall.  Reboot, visit Realtek’s website and select downloads and choose High Definition Audio Codecs (Software). Once downloaded, the drivers will install themselves automatically, but you will need to restart your computer afterward.

My mic is picking up background noise

• Right click on speaker icon in your system  tray located at the bottom right of your screen, select sounds, select the communications tab, choose to either reduce the volume of other sounds or completely mute them.

I hear an echo

• Locate the sound manager it in the control panel, search for  Realtek sound manager or IDT audio manager. Open the program and checkmark echo noise cancelation.
• Try adjusting the mic sound levels located in the mic properties


I can hear them, but they can’t hear me

When you can hear a person, but they can’t hear you, this is considered ‘one-way audio’. Please only use this step if you are NOT using a USB headset.

•Locate the sound icon on the bottom right hand corner, just next to the time

•Right click it and select “Recording Devices”

•Right click the microphone with the green checkmark next to it.

•Look under the ‘General’ tab, under the heading that says “Controller Information”.

•Select the “Properties” button, and click it.

•At the bottom of the window hit the button that says “Change Settings”.

•At the top of the next window, select the tab labelled “Driver”

•Select to uninstall the driver via the button at the bottom.

•Make sure you check the box labelled “Delete the driver software for this device.” And press OK.

•Once the uninstallation is complete it will ask to restart your computer, save all your work and do so. Your problem should now be resolved.


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