Adding an email signature to Smartermail

Email Setup
Click the settings icon on the left panel of your Smartermail.
Under the "My Settings" tab, click "Signatures", and then "Add".
Copy and paste the below signature template, then edit in all of your correct information. Give your signature a name. 
Success & Blessings,
Your Name
Let Our Family Move Yours!
Job Title
All My Sons Moving & Storage
AMS Address Here
Office - 000.000.0000  Ext 0000
Click "More..."
Click "Source"
Copy and paste the below line into the third row. (See picture for reference.) Then, hit Save.
<div><img alt="pic" src="" />
Make sure your new signature is checked, then hit Save. 
Now when you create a new email, just select your signature name and it will be pasted in. 

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